Oklahoma District Purpose:
Our purpose is to strengthen and equip local ministries, develop and expand our outreach base, and promote biblical fellowship.


Southern Oaks United Pentecostal Church


Campus Dean: Rev. Mark Parker

Assistant Dean: Rev. Randall Hughes

Campus Administrator: Rev. Andrew Parker


Campus Info:

6501 South Walker Ave.

Oklahoma City, OK 73139

(405) 634-2991


Metro Pentecostal Church


Campus Dean: Rev. Don Martin

Campus Administrator: Rev. Jeremy Martin


Campus Info:

8611 E. 21st St. S.

Tulsa, OK 74129

(918) 446-7121


Spring 2018 Courses & Dates

Central Campus Courses

January 26-27 // February 23-24 // March 23-24 // April 20-21

2202 – The Life and Ministry of Christ: This course studies the earthly life and ministry of Jesus Christ. You will soon understand and appreciate how He lived and ministered on the earth as both perfect man and perfect God.

2402 – Apostolic Patterns and Methods II: This class teaches how to transfer a 1st century pattern into a 21st century application. It is a practical look at the principles behind the Apostolic methods of the 1st century, and will help you put them into immediate practice.

2501 – Ministry of the Apostles I: A careful study of the Apostles’ ministry will reveal how their doctrine and authority distinguished them from others. You will recognize the relevance for the Church today and will be motivated to become an extension of true Apostolic ministry.

2701 – Guest Instructor (Pastoral Studies): Pastoral topics are covered by experienced, anointed instructors chosen by the local campus Dean. They will challenge all present to dig deeper, reach higher and let God use their lives for His glory.


Central Campus Schedule for Spring 2018

Friday / 7:15pm / Pastoral Studies (Guest Instructors)

Saturday / 8am / Ministry of the Apostles I (Rev. Randall Hughes, Instructor)

Saturday / 10:30am / Apostolic Patterns and Methods II (Rev. Billy Adams, Instructor)

Saturday / 1:15pm / The Life and Ministry of Christ (Rev. Andrew Parker, Instructor)

Eastern Campus Courses

January 19-20 // February 23-24 // March 16-17 // April 20-21

5103 – Historical Books / Poetical Books: The history of Israel, God’s chosen people, was written for our example, so that we can learn from both their mistakes and successes. The poetical books are considered some of the greatest literature ever written; nothing the world has to offer matches the value of these books.

5206 – The Book of Revelation: Are we really living in the last days? Though not an exhaustive study of prophecy, this class attempts to bring a correct understanding of the Book of Revelation.l of understanding and ability as a leader. Because of the uniqueness of our times, you will be challenged to accept nothing less than a standard of excellence.

5504 – Equipping the Apostolic Minister II: Equipping the Apostolic Minister II teaches how to effectively bring balance to the ministry of the Word and Spirit. Both must be ministered.

5601 – Guest Instructor (Leadership): A variety of leadership topics are covered by experienced, anointed instructors chosen by the local campus Dean. They will challenge all present to dig deeper, reach higher and let God use their lives for His glory.


Eastern Campus Schedule for Spring 2018

Friday / 7pm / Leadership (Rev. Don Martin / Rev. Jeremy Martin, Instructors)

Saturday / 8am / Historical and Poetical Books (Rev. Merle Dry / Rev. Micah Wisdom, Instructors)

Saturday / 10:40am / The Book of Revelation (Rev. Matthew Martin, Instructor)

Saturday / Lunch 11:50am-12:30pm

Saturday / 1:50pm / Equipping the Apostolic Minister II (Rev. Rick Nance / Rev. Dennis Nance, Instructors)


There is a one-time registration fee assessed when a student enrolls for the first time; and there are matriculation/graduation fees when a student receives a two-year or four-year diploma.

Most of the classes require an associated book purchase, or a student can borrow the book to read as homework. However, Purpose Institute suggests a book purchase in order for them to build their library for later use.

Spouses: Any spouse of a full-tuition student only pays the original registration fee of $50 and $10 for each class. That's $90 the first semester and $40 each semester after that if the spouse is taking all of the classes (That means a spouse would only pay $370 to complete the entire four years!). Couples can share course books. To take the four-year course would not cost the spouse as much as a single semester of regular tuition (including the registration and graduation fees). Purpose Institute feels that this low cost feature honors the necessary ministry partnership of a spouse; and, it honors our own commitment to make training more accessible to those on the front lines of the Lord's work.

New Student Registration
One time, non-refundable fee of $50.00.

Class Tuition

One class $100.00
Two classes $200.00
Three classes $300.00
Four classes $400.00

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